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The Technology Tailor's Hot Gadgets Guide

March 19, 2008 7:51:40 AM PDT
"Technology Tailor" Alex Goldfayn shares the latest cutting-edge, high-tech gadgets to make life easier and more fun! 1. Slingbox Solo, $180 (watching your own TV channels -- my ABC7 News! -- on my cell phone, 100% legal and no monthly fees)
More info: www.slingmedia.com

2. Wi-Fi Certified products
More info: www.wi-fi.org

3. Parrot Minikit ($80) and 3200 LS Color ($250)
More info: www.parrot.com

4. MIPC -- Printing Photos from your phone
More info: www.mobileprinting.org

5. invisibleSHIELD ($10-$25) (scratch-proof see-through protection film for your gadgets made of the same material the military uses to protect its helicopter blades)
More info: www.invisibleshield.com

For more information visit www.technologytailor.com

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