March 1, 2009: Chicago Treasurer Stephanie Neely

March 2, 2009 8:56:06 AM PST
Our guest this week is City of Chicago Treasurer Stephanie Neely. She, Mayor Daley, and Clerk Miguel Del Valle are the only three officials elected to citywide Chicago office. The mayor appointed her to the office in December, 2006, and she won a four-year term in February, 2007. She's responsible for investing almost $7 billion in city funds. With banks in trouble and needing federal help, we'll find out how she determines where to put taxpayer money to keep it safe, and earn the most interest. One of her standards is that to receive city money, banks must make loans to small businesses.

Neely is a former vice president of Northern Trust Global Investment and has more than 20 years of experience in the financial field.

She considers it important to try to make the public smarter spenders, and generally more financially aware. Among other things, her office co-sponsors free "Wealth Fitness for Adults" classes in the seven City of Chicago Community Colleges (Harold Washington, Richard Daley, Kennedy-King, Malcolm X, Olive Harvey, Truman, and Wright.)