LifeMine Personal Health Organizer

June 30, 2009 9:51:51 AM PDT
Do you know if your children are up to date with their immunizations? When was your last mammogram? What was the result of your partner's cardio stress test? You should know the answers to these questions, but the answers might not be close at hand. That's why Dr. Anthony DeLorenzo, an osteopathic physician from suburban Willowbrook designed LifeMine. It is a personal health care organizer that helps you to gather information about your and your family's medical problems, to know the types of treatments provided, and to keep records of tests reports and opinions. The kit will help you keep track of over-the-counter remedies and prescription drugs, and remind you about doctor's appointments."My vision is for people to arm themselves with knowledge about personal health and adopt the understanding that our health and wellness is our greatest treasure and life-long responsibility," Dr. DeLorenzo says. "LifeMine puts the individual back in charge of their health. It raises the standard for how we perceive our health and our role in maintaining it."

The doctor calls the product is a basic operating system of what every-person should know about their health and wellness. The specially designed file folder has clearly labeled sections and separators; it gives detailed instruction on how and why to gather the recommended information. The LifeMine system teaches people to gather and store their health information in a way that is useful to them and to the doctors, nurses and social workers involved in their care over the years.

LifeMine, which retails for $49.95 comes with a DVD to provide step-by-step instructions for gathering important health-related data. There is an electronic version for those who prefer to store information on the computer. For more information, visit

Fast Facts about LifeMine Personal Health Organizer

  • LifeMine contains 45 min of video clips and many active tables for monitoring progress over time.
  • It can hold over 500 pages of documents.
  • Adventist Health Systems has purchased hundred of portfolios to give to patients
  • The American Osteopathic Association has given LifeMine to all 250 employees.
  • Dr. DeLorenzo is also working with Elmhurst Hospital to try to integrate LifeMine into the hospital's electronic record system.
  • The LifeMine sells for $49.95 and is available online store at
  • The kit will be in stores soon at 141 Jewel Osco pharmacies in Chicago area
  • An electronic version is available