Dolphins settling in at temporary home

September 3, 2009 2:28:51 PM PDT
Tapeko, Noelani and Allison are doing just fine at Minnesota Zoo. The three bottlenose dolphins- aged 27, 5, and 3, respectively- were transferred there while their home, the Seven Seas dolphin arena at Brookfield Zoo, undergoes renovations.

They were flown by FedEx to Minnesota; the trip took just over an hour.

The Brookfield Zoo's dolphins are initially being kept apart from the other dolphins at Minnesota Zoo: females April, 42, Allie, 18 and Spree, 5; and male Semo, 43.

Dolphin fans can keep an eye on Tapeko, Noelani and Allison at

They will return to Brookfield when Seven Seas is complete in Spring 2010.

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