Mid-Michigan mom 'takes a bite out of abuse'

November 7, 2010 8:50:33 PM PST
(11/07/10) -- After watching her son deal with bullies, a Mid-Michigan mom has big plans to 'Take A Bite Out Of Abuse.' Sunday night, a fundraiser got her one step closer to reaching that goal.Lisa Freeman wants to take her anti-bullying message nationwide. It's a mission that's even more important after losing her 22-year-old son Brian to a heart defect in August. 

But that's not the only pain this mom watched her son endure.

"He got teased, he got pushed around, he got beat up," Freeman said.

Bullied because he was different, and Lisa says Brian wasn't alone. "Our entire family, even our dogs, have been bullied and abused all of our life and neglected, we don't want other people to feel that way."

Lisa uses those first-hand accounts to educate local students through her 'Abuse Bites' campaign, but has plans to do much more. "When we get an RV, I'm going to put his name on the side of it .... a big heart, it's going to be 'Change of Heart for Brian', to change hearts literally."

At the fundraiser, a white ribbon was cut symbolizing potential lives saved through anti-bullying education and a black ribbon represented victims like Brian.

Listening to Lisa's message was Lisa Murawa, a mother of two.

"Educating them so that they can deal with it, so they can deal with it in a proper way, instead of in a violent way," Murawa said.

Owosso's Mayor believes Freeman is taking on a problem that is growing and evolving.

"I think a lot of it is the technology that allows the bullying to be projected to hundreds or thousands of students," said Mayor Of Owosso Benjamin Frederick.

Whether the bullying is online, or in person, Lisa and her family want to prevent it.

"If we become proactive against bullying, it doesn't have to affect us anymore," Freeman said. "I think we can take a stand and get the upper hand."

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