WCL: Addicted to apps: Jared Hoffa's hot new apps

A recent study from MTV found that 4 out of 5 people can't live without their Apps. WCL's App Man, Jared Hoffa, shares his Smartphone and Tablet Apps that can save you time and money, as well as find a public restroom...anywhere!

Stack The States (Free, $0.99 for Full Version)
This game combines sound educational material with an incredible "gaming" sense. The object of the game is fairly simple. You are asked various questions about the 50 states including capitals, state shapes, abbreviations, bordering states, location on the map and even nicknames. If you choose the correct state, you get to actually pick it up, move it, rotate it and place it wherever you want. Your goal is to carefully create a stack of states that reaches the checkered line.
The laws of gravity and physics play an integral role in how the states react to being stacked. Will you get three large states that are easily stackable and reach the checkered line right off the bat? Or, will you get a slew of smaller states that don't stack easily and fall down, collapsing the tower? Perhaps they'll tumble off the platform completely!

SitorSquat (FREE)
A place to find and record public bathrooms all around the world.

Mom Maps (FREE)
Helps you find family fun places, kid friendly locations on the go! They have an extensive list of kid's parks, kid's playgrounds, kid's restaurants, kid's museums and kid's indoor play areas. Search by category or zip code, and you're good to go! In addition to a comprehensive kids play guide, you'll find contact information, reviews by parents, for parents and directions. Over 27,000 locations supported!
Available both for Android and iPhone

iGasUp ($0.99 for 1 year's access)
Helps drivers shop for the cheapest fuel by displaying the ten nearest gas stations with the prices in low-to-high order. Using the iGas iPhone application, customers also have the option to pre-select their fuel search criteria (Regular Unleaded Gasoline, Premium Unleaded or Diesel)