WCL: Steve Stone Talks Crosstown Classic with WCL

He's played and broadcast for nearly 4 decades here in Chicago and he sits down with Ryan and Val to talk about his 3rd book: "Said in Stone: Your Game, My Way."

Steve Stone is a former Cy Young Award winner who currently broadcasts for the Chicago White Sox. In his 14-year playing career he pitched for the Cubs and White Sox, as well as the Baltimore Orioles, with whom he pitched in the 1979 World Series, and won the 1980 Cy Young Award. He spent 20 seasons in the Cubs broadcast booth, most of it in his famous pairing with Hall of Famer Harry Carey. Since 2009 Steve has been the color commentator for Chicago White Sox television broadcasts. He's the winner of three Emmys and can currently be heard on multiple televisions and radio sports talk shows. He is also the proud father of three dogs: Tex, a three-legged greyhound, and Rhodesian Ridgebacks Larry and Layla.

About the Said in Stone
Few men in Chicago sports history have been beloved on both the North and South Sides of such a baseball-crazy town. Steve Stone is a fan favorite. Following his last game as Cubs announcer, long after all the players had left the field, nearly everyone left in the stadium looked up to the broadcast booth and chanted "Stoney! Stoney!" for several minutes. In Said in Stone: Your Game, My Way, the Cy Young award-winning pitcher and perhaps future Hall of Fame broadcaster offers his unique slant on the game that has been his passion for nearly five decades. He starts by analyzing the game position by position, illustrating his points with personal experiences and players he's played with and covered. What he hasn't seen, his broadcast partner of 15 years, Harry Caray, probably had, and he shares plenty of funny stories about their years together in the booth as well. Finally he takes a serious look at how the game has changed and what the future holds for America's pastime.