WCL: Buddy Guy dishes out gumbo

In his recipe below, you'll notice there are no amounts -- just ingredients.

Buddy says it depends on whether you're making a huge pot or a small one: the bigger the pot, the more you put in!

Buddy Guy's Gumbo

-Polish sausage
-Pork links
-Chicken breast
-Bell pepper
-Salt and pepper to taste
-File seasoning
-1 tsp of soy sauce
-1 tsp of A1 sauce
-1 tsp Tabasco sauce and/or cayenne
-Bacon bits or fried bacon
-Corn on the cob
-Whole Blue Crab (break the legs off and make sure you wash out the sand)
-King crab legs
-Fresh shrimp (deveined) in shell
-Sun dried shrimp -- one package

First, you brown the flour in a skillet until it turns a light brown.

Then you boil the chicken and sausage together in a pot of water until done with the seasonings: onion, garlic, bell pepper, salt and pepper, celery, file, soy, A1, bacon bits or fried bacon, a tsp of Tabasco and/or cayenne.

You add the browned flour slowly throughout the cooking process to thicken the roux.

Then you add the vegetables: corn, okra, tomatoes. Cook for 10-15 minutes.

Then you add the seafood last because it cooks quickly. Buddy keeps the shells on the seafood during cooking for flavor. Cook for 10-15 minutes.