WCL: Summer Office Attire Don'ts

We've all seen it... that one colleague that just doesn't seem to know how to dress when it's hot outside. Whether it's showing too much skin, wearing flip-flops or just being too casual there are a few things we all should know about summer office attire for the workplace. Fashion stylist Eric Himel stopped by to fill us in.

Eric's Summer Office Attire Don'ts:

1. Tank Tops and Strapless Tops/Dresses: Baring your shoulders is a no-no in the work place (I am talking about a corporate office atmosphere.) Women have come a long way, but can you imagine if men wore sleeveless shirts to work? Can you say 'inappropriate'?!

2. Sundresses: They call them sun dresses for a reason, they are meant to be worn casually in the sun - as in on the weekends, at a baseball game and on the beach.

3. Trendy Nail Polish: Fun for the clubs, but screams unprofessional for the office. There is a fine line between 'expressing yourself' and distracting from your performance. (If you work in a creative environment, go for it! You are expected to be creative!)

4. Dressing too casual on "Casual Fridays": Just because you can wear it, doesn't mean you should. Wear dark fitted jeans instead of your old comfy looser ones. Wear a tailored floral A-Line dress that fit you instead of a comfy cotton unstructured one and wear ballet flats instead of sandals. Oh ya, and don't forget to run a comb through your hair.

5. Flip-Flops of any kind: Here is a good rule of thumb: If your heel comes up in the back of your shoe - don't wear them to work (yes, that includes mules.) I know we have to wear boots 8 months out of the year, but that isn't a reason to revolt and go to the other extreme! Have some decency!

6. Shorts: This is a tricky look indeed. IF you have tailored shorts that hang just above the knee and wear a matching or contrasting tailored jacket, then possibly, just possibly, you can you get away with this look. Pair the shorts with a heel to make the look more serious and professional.

About Eric Himel

Fashion Stylist Eric Himel handles everything from minor fashion adjustments to total style overhauls and everything in between! After studying fashion design at New York City's prestigious Parsons School of Design (Tim Gunn of Project Runway was one of his teachers), Himel has made it his mission to empower individuals by helping them get in touch with their appearance, and thus their self-confidence.

Having lived and worked in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Dallas and Chicago has given Himel a broad exposure to a wide array of clients and their particular needs. Himel is one of the most accessible fashion stylists in the business. His clients include celebrities, business executives, and style conscious socialites, among others. His editorial styling work is regularly featured in national lifestyle and luxury publications. For more on Eric, visit his website at www.erichimel.com or check him out on Twitter at @EricHimel.

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