WCL: Beach-Ready Abs

Katie Johnson from Women's Health Magazine shows us how to get beach ready abs!

magazine to life by combining information and adventure with a healthy dose of fun. Women's Health is back in Chicago for its fourth year hosting Are You Game? at North Avenue Beach on Sunday, July 24thth from 10am to 4pm.

At Women's Health, we believe that when you work hard, whether it's getting through a tough workout or a long day at the office, you also deserve some pampering. At Are You Game, you get a little bit of everything. You can participate in the many fitness activities we have to offer and then treat yourself to a chair massage, makeup applications and a manicure ? from gym to glam in no time.

Are You Game? invites women to participate in an all-day, feel-good festival that offers tons of fitness classes, healthy cooking demonstrations, nutrition consultations, makeovers, style tips, pampering, live music and more.


Dumbbell Sidebend
Hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides, arms straight and core engaged.
Without twisting your upper body, slowly bend to the left as far as you can, lowering the weight toward your left knee.
Pause, then slowly return to an upright position.
Repeat, bending to the right side. That's one rep.
Do 10.

Standing Core Stabilization
Standing with your feet hip-width apart, use both hands to hold a dumbbell straight out in front of your chest, core engaged.
Moving your torso slightly, slowly rotate your arms to the left as far as you can.
Pause, then rotate to the right. That's one rep.
? Continue for 10.

Bow Extension
Hold a dumbbell in both hands above your right shoulder and point your left foot out to the side.
In one motion, draw your elbows down to lower the weight as you bend your left knee toward your chest.
Reverse the movement to return to start.
That's one rep. Do 10, then switch sides and repeat.

Reverse Dumbbell Chop
Bend your knees, rotate your torso, and hold a dumbbell in both hands outside your left thigh.
Keeping your arms straight, swing the weight above your right shoulder as you straighten your legs.
Reverse the movement to return to start.
That's one rep. Do 10, then switch sides and repeat.

All you have to do is three or four sets of each exercise two or three times a week.


Dumbbell Overhead Off-Loaded Farmer's Walk Grab a dumbbell in each hand, one about 10 pounds heavier than the other, and hold them overhead, palms facing each other. Keep your core engaged and slowly walk forward 10 to 20 steps, moving from heel to toe as you step. Switch the weights and repeat. Rest for 60 to 90 seconds, then repeat for a total of two sets.

Suitcase Deadlift And Lateral Step-Up
Stand to the right of a step with a heavy dumbbell in your right hand and squat until the weight is at your shin. As you stand, step to the left to plant your left foot on the step, quickly followed by your right foot so that you're standing on the step. Return to start. That's one rep. Do five, then switch sides and repeat. Rest for 60 to 90 seconds, then repeat for a total of two sets.

Are You Game? Event

Women's Health magazine

Katie Johnson is an AFAA certified instructor and serves as a spokeswoman for Women's Health Magazine. She was born and raised in Washington D.C. and graduated cum laude from Harvard University. Katie has danced with the Miami City Ballet, Anne Reinking's Broadway Theatre Project and the Washington Opera Ballet Company. She is a Maryland Distinguished Scholar in the Arts, a NFAA semi-finalist, was awarded the Washington Post Music and Dance scholarship for classical ballet as well as the Maryland Governor's Award. Katie has performed at the Kennedy Center, the Goodspeed Opera House, Harvard's ART Loeb Theater, the Warner Theater, and Constitution Hall and can be seen in numerous films, television shows and commercials. Katie has been teaching at Physique 57®'s New York studio since 2007 and is now teaching in their LA studio.