WCL: Ji Mail 7/21/11

Here's a website that could help you save money -- even if you think you don't have any money to save.

It's free and not only that, it's home grown -- started by two women who met at the Booth School at University of Chicago.

Trying to save money can be similar to losing weight ? the people that need it the most tend to be the ones that need professional help ? like a trainer that can help jump start you -- a financial planner can do the same for your money goals. But who can afford it?

Let's say you come into an unexpected amount of money or bonus or gift? Smarteys.com is great because it takes into account the fact you still want to have fun and want to live your life.

This service is free and great for people in their 20s and 30s ?especially when student loan debt is outpacing credit card spending. Finally for just an additional ten dollars a month you can get a paycheck manager. It doesn't just give you a pie chart from the past but a road map to the future.

Check out the website. It's called www.smarteys.com

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