WCL: Chicago: Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know

Your kids are growing up in Chicago, but do they know all there is to know about the Windy City? Kate Jerome, author of the "Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know" series stopped by the studio to fill us in.

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How well do YOU know Chicago and the state of Illinois?! Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

1. What do the four pairs of bronze seahorses in Buckingham Fountain symbolize?
a) Water, Air, Fire, and Earth
b) The states bordering Lake Michigan
c) The number of siblings in the Buckingham family

2. How quickly does the fastest elevator in Willis Tower travel?
a) 800 feet/minute
b) 1,600 feet/minute
c) 2,500 feet/minute

3. Which of these ingredients is not usually found on a Chicago hot dog?
a) Ketchup
b) Dill pickle
c) Green relish

4. What happened to the Chicago River in 1900?
a) The flow of water in the river was reversed
b) The river was dyed green on St. Patrick's Day for the first time
c) The Michigan Avenue bridge over the river was completed

ANSWERS: 1. B, 2. B, 3. A, 4. A

About Kate Jerome Kate Jerome has been developing "educational stuff" for kids for more than 25 years. As a Program Developer and Author, Kate combines her strong understanding of the educational needs of kids with her original voice and interesting perspectives to create award-winning books, series, and digital content for a variety of publishers.

In support of her mantra to "keep kids in the conversation," Kate creates a steady stream of entertaining tips and trivia that parents and grandparents can use as icebreakers to get kids talking. To tune into her tips and learn more about Kate:

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