WCL: Twilight Actor and Friends "DO GOOD"

As part of our "DO GOOD" show, three young actors stopped by to talk about a project near and dear to their hearts.

CHARLIE BEWLEY is known from the Twilight films playing evil vampire "Demetri." MATT DALLAS is known from the TV series, "Kyle XY." STEVEN GRAYHM has played in a variety of television roles and was in the film "White Chicks." Together, they are on the road creating a documentary called "Into the Heart of America: A Soldier's Story" which tells the real stories of real soldiers who come back home after spending time on the front line. They stopped by WINDY CITY LIVE to talk about it, thanks to our friends at our partner hotel, THE WIT.

Read more about "Into the Heart of America" on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Into-The-Heart-Of-America-A-Soldiers-Story/131484650262824

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