WCL: Cool costumes from Goodwill

Jodi Olson shows us how to make great costumes for little cash-- all by shopping at Goodwill.

Witch--The dress is a velvet/taffeta party dress--$6.99 at Goodwill. The scarf is a table runner-- $3.99 at Goodwill.
Boots are now on www.zappos.com for $159. We got them brand new in the box at Goodwill for just $20. Boots and dress can be worn again. Bought the hat at another store, embellished it. It would make a great centerpiece on a table.

No-sew Fairy Costume--This is a great solution for people who can't sew. The dress is a gown we got at Goodwill which is actually for an adult. We cut about 2 feet off the bottom, made zig zag cuts in all the layers with scissors, took the part we cut of and made a sash. The wings, wand and silver glitter Chuck Taylor gym shoes (super cute) all Goodwill too. She's Goodwill head to toe. 9-year old Jillian masterminded the re-design of this dress and the whole costume.

Flapper--We got the dress (it may have been a baton twirler or tap dancer's costume at one time), the tights (brand new still in packaging), the boa, the shoes all at Goodwill. We even found the headband at Goodwill and embellished it with a peacock feather from a craft store. Hannah, age 9 is working on the Charleston.

Pirate--Head to toe--Goodwill from the hat to the boots. The leather vest was only 99 cents (still had the brand new tags on it). 9-year old Wyatt already the sword and had an eyepatch he actually had to wear awhile back. Hat, wig the whole shebang from Goodwill too. The only exception---splurge item here---the parrot. We bought it at a Halloween store.

Zombie--Coty had his heart set on being a Zombie--and he's a really good one. Got all his clothes at Goodwill, cut and tore them. He's a true actor as you can see. (This kid really can act) Without his Zombie teeth, he's got a great smile.

Dracula--The cape, black shirt, black pants and dress shoes all from Goodwill. ADDITIONAL SAVINGS--those are items he can wear again, not just for Halloween.

To find a Goodwill store near you, visit http://locator.goodwill.org/