WCL: Revamp Your Closet!

We all have them, those unused clothes that have been hanging in our closets for years!

Well, now is the time to do something about it. Fashion stylist, Eric Himel, helped one WCL viewer revamp her wardrobe. Check the video out and then read on for more tips from Eric.

Eric's Closet Purge Golden Rule: You should be able to close your eyes and anything that you pull out of your closet should A. Fit your body, B. Look great on you, and C. You should feel great in it.

Ready for your closet purge? Eric says to follow these steps:
The first step is to assess what's in your closet. Do you keep your Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter wardrobes separate? If not, start with that. Don't have free closet space? Store off-season items in dust-free bags underneath your bed. Create a 'keepsake' box for your sentimental items and store them away so you can visit them once a year. Go through your closets by YOURSELF, and not with a friend or significant other. Outside opinions are what got you in this closet predicament! Make three piles:

"Keep It!" Pile
These are the clothes that look good and you actually wear!

"Can I Salvage It?" Pile
These are the things that can be rectified with some alterations. Maybe you need to shorten the sleeves or hem the skirt, nip in a waste or narrow a sleeve. Consult a professional tailor. Proportion is everything and most clothes do not fit off the rack. Always allot an alterations budget for your wardrobe. If you have a budget for say a suit that's $200, don't buy a suit that's $200 . Budget for alterations. A less expensive piece of clothing is going to look more expensive when altered than an unaltered one.

"What Was I Thinking?" Pile
This pile should consist of those clothes in your closet that you haven't worn in years. Why have you been holding on to them? Next time you go shopping, visit a makeup counter and ask them what color the undertones are in your skin. Bring that info to a salesperson in any store and they should be able to help you pick the clothing that will work best for YOU. Once you have your "What was I Thinking?" pile, donate them to charity where you know someone else will be getting great use out of it.

How Eric salvaged Michelle's "Purple Grape" Dress:
Eric Says: Michelle said she loves this dress but complains that she feels like a "big purple grape!". If you feel uncomfortable wearing a saturated vibrant color, break it up with the help of accessories strategically placed! A belt brakes up the color in the middle and highlights the thinst part of the torso. Pair a statement necklace with a bracelet and some rings to force the eye to look at the accessories and not concentrate solely on the dress. Finish it off with a black clutch and shoes to offset the colorful dress, and the bright color no longer becomes the focal point! You now have an outfit that is 'stylistically layered' and not one-dimensional!

Michelle's Accessories provided by Ann Taylor:
- Pave Glacier Statement Necklace, $98
- Perfect Skinny Glitter Belt, $34
- Perfect Cutout Pumps, $178

A big thank you to Ann Taylor for providing Michelle with a fabulous necklace, belt and shoes! You can purchase what you saw on Michelle, here: www.anntaylor.com