WCL: 2011 Fashion Hits & Misses

We saw many trends come and go this year. Some caught on more than others, and some --let's just say -- we never hope to see again! Windy City LIVE stylist, Eric Himel, dropped by to dish on what he thought were the best and worst trends of 2011.

The Worst Trends:

Harem Pants -- "MC Hammer called and he wants his pants back! A dropped crotch, wide hips and narrow legs is not attractive - even on the thinnest of models!"

Feathers in Hair -- "This may be a cute trend on a 10-year-old, but this fashion don't was never a 'do'. Feathers were big this year, on dresses, on earrings, etc? but once they migrate to your hair - I have to draw the line."

Bandage Dresses -- "This overtly sexy dress that leaves nothing to the imagination is usually paired with another trend -- the 6" platform shoes?it's just too much! Fashion is all about moderation - no matter the trend, and this one crosses the line!"

The Best Trends:

Lace -- "Lace is ladylike and works on most woman. It is great as an accent on a blouse or on the hem of a skirt. If you pick an entire lace dress, make sure it is fitted as it does not drape well by itself."

Color Blocking -- "Color blocking, which is typically 2 or 3 bold colors juxtaposed against each other, Is a dynamic way to add style to your wardrobe without being too trendy. Color blocking can be on a dress, with separates or even accomplished by picking a vibrant belt to break up 2 other colors! It also works for any season."

Trend We'll See in 2012:

Feminine Pieces: "Gone are the harder silhouettes like the masculine military trend and overtly sexual tight dresses and platform shoes of 2011. 2012 will be all about femininity ? flowy fabrics like organza and silk, softer lines, lady-like heels and lots of florals.