WCL: DIET CHALLENGE: Dr. Ian Smith's Fat Smash diet

Before entering into any kind of weight loss program, be sure to check with your doctor.

Dr. Ian Smith helps WCL staffers Emerald Jane Hunter, Greg Klazura and Mary Hynes kick off their 2012 resolution of losing weight. They will be doing the "Fat Smash Diet" under Dr. Ian's care. Here's where we start:

Prepare yourself mentally for the nine day detox. Purge your kitchen of foods not on the plan and load up on all of the amazing foods you will use to detox.

Create an eating schedule. Plan on at least 4 meals a day and three snacks. Space them no more than 3 hours apart.

Keep snacks handy. A small bag of carrots, grapes, almonds, cashews, etc., should be at the ready.

Get at least 25 minutes of physical activity. At some time during the day you need to concentrate on increasing your heart rate through physical activity.

Convert all of your whites to browns. White rice to brown rice, white pasta to whole wheat pasta, white bread to whole grain bread, white potato to sweet potato.

Here are Dr. Ian's Web specific tips for week 1:

1) Have a specific plan. Don't just say that you're going to change. List what you're going to change and how. Create a daily calendar of your nutritional and physical activity plan.

2) Set realistic goals. Expecting to lose significant weight in a short time only sets up disappointment. 1-2 pounds on average per week is very good weight loss. It takes considerable time to gain significant weight so don't expect to lose it all in a short period of time.

3) Change one bad habit at a time. Don't' try to make too many changes at once as this will overwhelm and discourage you. Steady, gradual change can be long-lasting.

4) Half of your plate should always be fruits and vegetables. Load up on lots of antioxidants and feel full on fewer calories.

5) Bookend your workouts. Try to do at least 25 minutes of moderate intensity of physical activity in the morning and 25 minutes at night. This will increase the length of your metabolic burn throughout the day.

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Learn more about the Fat Smash Diet at http://www.fatsmashdiet.com/