WCL: 2012 Love Life Game Plan

Professional Matchmaker, Barbie Adler wants you to find love in 2012.

Make 2012 about you and make finding the one your number one priority. You need a game plan, just like climbing the corporate ladder for work or getting in shape. Here is your personal love life game plan:

1. Be Strategic - create your Love Life Game Plan. Have a sit down with yourself.. Why are you single? Be honest. Everyone knows deep inside why they are single. Are you hooked on your last boyfriend? Afraid of getting your heart broken again? Working too hard to mask getting out there again? Always with girlfriends that are keeping you single? Looking for a 9 or 10 when in fact you are a 6 or a 7? Be honest with yourself and then devise a game plan to make this your year to break free of old ways and patterns that are keeping you single.

2. Look up - and put the device away! The blackberry/ iphone needs to stay in your pocket while you are at Starbucks and walking around town. Look up and smile wherever you go. He could be in line at the coffee shop or the dry cleaner, but you won't find him if you always have your head buried in technology.

3. Go Green - Recycle! One person's trash is another person's treasure. Even if you do not like him or if he didn't like you, offer to introduce him to a girlfriend and ask if he knows someone for you. Sourcing and networking isn't just to land a job! Schmooze and be resourceful!

4. Play matchmaker to each other. Be proactive. Make a pact with a close friend to pick up someone for each other. It's always easier to approach someone if it's not for yourself. So go for it - approach the hottie in line at Whole Foods. Let him know he is your best friend's type and then take it from there. Advance move - be strategic and pick up lots of suitable singles and invite them to your party you are having with your friends.

5. Do something different! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting it to yield a different result. Make 2012 the year you find love by doing things different. Enlist a professional. Make your love life a priority. Put yourself online or take yourself off line. Evaluate the type of person you are dating and ask yourself if this/these individuals are highly suitable candidates to merge your life with. If you know the answer is no - stop wasting your time and someone else's. Only get serious with someone with long term potential. Play for keeps.

Barbie Adler is the President & Founder of Selective Search (www.selectivesearch.com) an elite matchmaking firm that operates as a "personal recruiter" on behalf of eligible bachelors short on time, access and visibility to meet the right person for a committed relationship and marriage. Clientele turns to Selective Search to pre-screen and hand-pick the ideal candidates for them. Focus is on quality of the match - not just random 'plug dates'.