WCL: Rebecca Spera

It's a show that's right up Val's alley! Mirror / Mirror on the Live Well Network covers everything from Beauty and Fashion to Fitness and Nutrition. Host and co-producer, Rebecca Spera, stopped by to tell us about the fashion forward show and give us a few fashion tips.

If you have a pashmina and have been wearing it ONE way for the past five years, you're going to want to read on! Rebecca Spera showed us a few new ways to wear the accessory:

French Knot With a Twist ? For French inspiration, grab your pashmina in the center, fold in half and make a loop. Pull it around your neck and pull the ends through the loop. From there, pull only one leg of the scarf through the scarf loop. Voila! You've got

Infinity Scarf ? Tie the opposite two corners together on both ends to create a loop. Wrap twice around your neck.

Bib ? This is one of Rebecca's favorites! This works better with a lighter weight scarf and looks great if the scarf has a print on it. Take two opposite corners and just tie it right around your neck. Let the entire scarf hang in front of you.

Half Bow ?Drape pashmina around neck, make one side hang longer and wrap longer side over the opposite shoulder. Pull longer side halfway through the loop (that's around your neck) to make a half bow. Fluff to give more volume.

Elegant shawl around neck ? Wrap the scarf backwards around your neck, so two ends are draping behind you. Criss-cross in the back to bring ends to front of body and criss-cross once again, draping the scarf over the shoulders. This is a more elegant way to wear a shawl.

You can catch Rebecca Spera on Mirror / Mirror on the Live Well Network on Saturdays at 9 a.m. For more info, click here: http://livewellnetwork.com/Mirror-Mirror/7624630