WCL: WCL's What's New: Marie Tillman on Love, Loss & Life

Pat Tillman had a multi-million dollar NFL career with the Arizona Cardinals and a beautiful new bride, Marie. Following the terrorist attacks in 2001, Pat left it all behind to join the U.S. army and fight for his country. In 2004, after being in Afghanistan for just under three weeks, he was tragically killed by friendly fire.

Before Pat went abroad, he hastily left his wife Marie a "just in case" letter which she read the day he was killed in 2004. In her new book, "The Letter: My Journey through Love, Loss & Life", Marie talks about her journey to remake her life after Pat's death.

For more information about "The Letter" by Marie Tillman and to purchase the book, visit Amazon.com.

For more information about the Pat Tillman Foundation, visit www.pattillmanfoundation.org/.