WCL: Top Chef's Dale Levitski

Dale Levitski is the executive chef at Lincoln Park's Sprout and in just a couple weeks he'll be opening a French Bistro in Boystown called frog n snail (www.frognsnail.com).

Dale was the 1st Chicagoan to appear on Bravo's Top Chef (Season 3 & Season 8)

Winter is when Tropical fruits are in season, so today Dale makes a coconut tropical french toast from the Brunch Menu at Sprout. It's easy to make and has super bright flavors.


French Toast Mix:
-1c Coconut Mile (lemon zested)
-1c of Milk or Half/Half
-4 Large Eggs
-1 Tsp Sugar
Pan Fry and Butter

Garnish with:
-Dried Pineapple
-Sliced Blood Orange
-Thinly sliced Kumquats
-Any Berries
-Greek yogurt
-Puree of Mango, Pineapple & Passion Fruit (you can also substitute melted Mango or Passion fruit sorbet)