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Meg Caswell was named the 2011 HGTV Design Star and now she has her very own show called Great Rooms.

Meg stopped by to chat with Val about what her life has been like since winning the reality show and also give viewers some home design tips.

For more information about Meg and her show Great Rooms, visit http://www.hgtv.com/hgtvs-great-rooms/show/index.html

Meg's Home Design Tips:

Don't be afraid to incorporate color
Don't be afraid to incorporate color into your kitchen! Make the backsplash a color and balance it out by incorporating it into other places in your kitchen. Visually the color should be placed at different heights to keep it interesting. For example, if you make the kitchen backsplash red, incorporate red up higher like on roman shades.

Add decals to your walls
This is a very easy and inexpensive way to incorporate your personality into your home. Simply order decals online and stick on your wall! Order decals online and simply stick them on your wall. Again, if you pick a decal with a bright color, make sure to incorporate it into another part of your room. For example, if you have a red decal, get a rug that also has that red in it.

Repurpose Items
This is your chance to get creative! There are great stores in Chicago that offer inexpensive vintage items. I found some great bird cages at a vintage store and used a lighting kit I bought at a home improvement store and turned it into a custom chandelier. You can take any nonflammable sculpture type object and create your own light fixture (that nobody else will have!).

Meg recommends checking out these stores:
Rebuilding Exchange (2160 North Ashland Avenue), www.rebuildingexchange.org
Urban Remains (1850 W. Grand Ave), www.urbanremainschicago.com

Jazz up your drapes
Add color and personality to store bought drapes by easily adding a contrasting fabric with a pattern that reflects your style and personality! If you don't sew, just bring the pieces to a tailor or dry cleaners.