WCL: Eric and Amy talk Grammy Fashion

WCL stylist Eric Himel and Style Expert Amy Tara Koch cover the best and worst dressed at the 2012 Grammy Awards. Here are their lists of best and worst dressed.

Eric Himel:


1. Rihanna
Dress: Giorgio Armani
What Eric likes: Raw. Animal Sexiness.

2. Adele
Dress: Armani Prive
What Eric Likes: She just looks plain gorgeous. This is her time.

3. Kelly Rowland
Dress: Alberta Ferretti
What Eric Likes: Come in to her own. Glamorous and beautiful without trying too hard.

4. Jessie J
Dress: Julien MacDonald
What Eric Likes: Total Glamourpuss.

5. Fergie
Dress: Jean Paul Gaultier
What Eric Likes: Innocently voyeuristic.


1. Corinne Bailey Rae
Dress: Christian Siriano
What Eric didn't like: Not flattering for her shape, made her look short, hair matched trim.

2. Taylor Swift
Dress: Zuhair Murad
What Eric didn't like: Aging. Resembles a school headmistress; neck looks constricting.

3. Taraji P. Henson
Dress: Brian Rennie
What Eric didn't like: 'Little Mermaid' costume

4. Katy Perry
Dress: Elie Saab
What you didn't like: A little too "Bride of Frankenstein' on Easter.

5. Name: Cyndi Lauper
Dress: Jean Paul Gaultier
What Eric didn't like: Tired left-over 80's get-up. Been there, done that.

Amy Tara Koch


1. Rihanna
Dress: Armani collaboration with Neil Lane snake "armlet"
What Amy likes: Sexy, edge, slinky. Love gold and black--homage to Scarface.

Dress: Chanel (from Versace)
What Amy likes: Absolutely creative and original. She is a real risk taker and gets high marks for matching her musical creativity with her fashion sense.

3. Jessie J
Dress: Julien MacDonald
What Amy likes: Super modern and slinky. Love the neckline, the cut and silhouette. Her hair and makeup were edgy. She is a rock star.

4. Cyndi Lauper
Dress: Jean Paul Gaultier
What Amy likes: Cindy channels 80s quirk at all times: the bustier, tux jacket and chains are a 21st century interpretation of "Girls just wanna have fun."

5. Corinne Bailey Rae
Dress: Christian Siriano
What Amy likes: Sexy, glam... love the volume and the different textures of black. Whimsical.


1. Nicki Minaj
Dress: Versace What Amy didn't like: It was absolutely ridiculous. Kelly Osborne called it a "fashion moment."

2. Fergie
Dress: Jean Paul Gaultier couture
What Amy didn't like: Barfilicious. This couture looked like Fredericks of Hollywood -tacky and costume-y. The details made her look like a tank--the black under garments were unflattering and silly.

3. Name: Bonnie McKee & Sasha Gradiva
Dress: ????
What Amy didn't like: Really?

4. Deadmau5
Dress: a mouse outfit
What Amy didn't like: made no sense.

5. Katy Perry
Dress: Elie Saab
What Amy didn't like: She looked like a smurf does Boca Raton. More "granny" than "Grammy" - ugly color. Ugly dress.

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