WCL: H-Dogs' chef Cliff Rome

Chef Cliff Rome of the gourmet Hot dog and sausage restaurant in Bronzeville called H-Dogs stopped by the studio to share some options for sausages outside of the standard hot dog, bratwurst, or polish sausage.

You can see some of the sausage combinations that he put together for H-Dogs' menu below:

The Big Easy (Smoked Andouille sausage with jambalaya, mustard & fried okra)
- Sausage: Char-grilled andouille
- Bun: Garlic butter rubbed French loaf, lightly toasted
- Garnish: homemade jambalaya, white rice, mustard & fried okra

The Frenchie (Grilled Duck sausage with spicy fruit mustard and carmelized onions)
- Sausage: Char-grilled duck sausage
- Bun: Wheat or Regular Hot Dog Bun
- Fruit Mustard: Mix dried fruits (cranberries, currants & apricots) and hot
reduced orange juice into whole grain mustard, let sit overnight
- Carmelized Onions: Cook sliced white onions in olive oil slowly over a low flame until desired doneness

The Greek Town (Grilled Lamb sausage with topped chopped onions, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce)
- Sausage: Char-grilled Lamb sausage
- Bun: Wheat or Regular Hot Dog Bun
- Garnish: chopped onions, tomatoes and Tzatziki greek yogurt sauce

The Turducken Cobb Dog (Grilled Turducken sausage with lettuce , tomato, chopped turkey bacon and bleu cheese dressing.)
- Sausage: Turducken - mixed turkey, duck, and chicken meat
- Bun: Wheat or Regular Hot Dog Bun
- Garnish: chopped lettuce, tomatoes & turkey bacon and blue cheese dressing

You can try out these and other delicious menu items at his restaurant:

4655 S. King Drive
Chicago, IL 60653
(773) 633-2978

You can check out Chef Cliff Rome's catering business, Rome's Joy Catering here: http://www.romesjoy.com/index.php