WCL: Lunch Break for Schools

MK Chicago's Michael Kornick is in the Kitchen!

We're in the kitchen with Chef/restaurateur, Michael Kornick, who is going to talk about Lunch Break for Schools (www. acfchefs.org/lunchbreakforschools) which will support the American Culinary Federation Chef & Child Foundation (CCF). Lunch Break for Schools is a national fundraiser organized by the makers of Hidden Valley Salad Dressings to support the America Culinary Federation's involvement in the Chefs Move to School program's effort to encourage healthier eating by kids -- including eating more vegetables.

From February 27 to March 2, more than 70 chefs across the country will prepare and sell delicious lunches that follow the framework of the White House sample menus, with proceeds going to help create resources for nutritional educational programs.

MK Chicago (www.mkchicago.com) will be hosting a Lunch Break for Schools fundraiser on Wednesday, February 29 to raise money to support the Chefs Move to Schools program's efforts to encourage healthier eating by kids - including eating more vegetables.

First Lady Michelle Obama, Schools, Chefs And Top Brands Are All Working Together To Provide Resources And Education For Families. The lunch will follow the framework of a recommended one-week school lunch menu released by First Lady Michelle Obama and the White House to show the changes that could be made after the passing of the Healthy, Hungry-Free Kids Act 2010.

For more information on Lunch Break For Schools or to attend Chef Michael's Kornick lunch visit www.acfchefs.org/lunchbreakforschools

Salmon Carpaccio, Salad Of Fennel Crab & Blood Orange, Virgin Olive Oil

Ingredients; For Four Servings
-12 Oz Salmon Filet
-6 Oz Jumbo Lump Crabmeat
-1 Small Head Of Fennel
-2 Blood Oranges
-1/16 Oz Chive
-1/8 Oz Tarragon Sprigs
-12 Sprigs Of Italian Parsley
-1 Hard Cooked Egg
-2 Tbl Capers
-1/4 Red Onion
-1 Tbl Fennel Seed
-1 Lemon Quartered And Seeds Removed, To Be Squeezed
-4oz Virgin Olive Oil
-16 Arugula Leaves

meat Mallet For Pounding The Salmon, A Rubber Hammer Can Be Substituted
heavy Plastic Bags (Hefty/Glad Freezer Bags 1 Gallon Size) Cut Open The
edges Into Two Sheets
cutting Board
french And Paring Knives
box Grater
small Saute Pan
4 Large Plates (10 Inch Round)

Prep Each Step And Keep All Ingredients Separate Until Assembly:
-Pick Any Shell Out Of The Crab And Reserve
-Short Julienne 1.25" The Fennel And The Red Onion, Keep Separate
- Pick The Tarragon Leaves From The Stems
- Slice The Chives 1/2" Long, Keep Separate finely Chiffonade (Julienne) The Parsley
- Drain The Capers
- Coarse Grate The Egg On A Box Grater Or Push Through A Basket Strainer
-Toast The Fennel Seed Gently In A Saute Pan, Gently Color And Reserve
- With A Paring Knife Peel The Orange Removing All White Pith, Segment The orange, Remove Any Seeds
- Slice The Salmon Into Four Equal Thickness Filets, Butterfly (Cut Almost through The Center) Each Filet
-Place Each Filet One At A Time Inbetween The Plastic Bag Sheets
-With A Mallet Gently Pound The Salmon Very Thin, Transfer To The Plates One at A Time
-Sprinkle With The Onions, Fennel, Capers, Olive Oil, Crabmeat, Orange segments, Herbs, Salt And Black Pepper
-Squeeze A Bit Of Lemon Juice On The Salmon, Top With The Grated Egg And arugula Leaves, Serve