Children with disabilities are 'Just Like You'

April 26, 2012 10:03:34 AM PDT
A local entrepreneur and inventor wrote a children's book that addresses acceptance and inclusion among children with disabilities.

"Just Like You" is a story about Henry, a field mouse who is deaf and his best friend Boris, a spider with a physical disability. They are bullied by the other animals in the forest.

"Just because they've perceived to be different and all they want to do is be accepted and be loved like everyone else," said author Robert Kroupa, who was inspired by a friend's daughter to write this story. "She was 4 years old and she had a family that had several disabilities and she looked beyond their disabilities and she treated them like everybody else and I thought it is important to teach kids from an early age to accept people for their differences."

Kroupa also wanted to support organizations who deal with these issues, so he created the "Just Like You foundation. One hundred percent of the profit goes to the foundation.

"The foundation basically disperses funds to various organizations that deals with disabilities, children's health issue and anti-bullying organizations," he said. "The purchaser gets to choose from a selection of differences charities, non for profits. It's also distributed using disabled people, so it's everything around it about giving back.".

"Just Like You" was released six months ago. Kroupa has been traveling around, marketing his books with celebrities and also schools.

"I had a student who recently talked about the fact that he's severely bullied over the internet and at home and he really wants to bring this book to his school and have them read the books at his school," he said.

This is just the beginning for Kroupa. He has already been working on an interactive with moving characters.

"My dream is to eventually get a tour bus and go around with this book all over the country," he said.

"Just like you" can only be purchased on the foundation website,