WCL: Where in the "Windy City World" is Mark DeCarlo?

We are sending our very own Mark DeCarlo out on the streets to find interesting places in the WCL viewing area. Can you guess where he is??

Mark visits the newly reopened Museum of Science & Industry's "Smart House" which showcases green and futuristic designs.

From their website:

About the Smart Home
The fully-functioning modular Smart Home?conceived by the Museum of Science and Industry, designed by architect Michelle Kaufmann Designs? and built by All American Homes® of Decatur, Ind.?was opened to the public in May 2008 and due to its popularity was redesigned every year since. It has been declared one of Chicago's greenest homes after a comprehensive review of the home's plans, materials and design by the City of Chicago's Chicago Green Homes Program. Since its opening, the Museum has welcomed more than 300,000 guests on 20-minute guided tours that showcase the ways, big and small, that people can make eco-friendly living a part of their lives. Some of the green features that remain year to year include rooftop solar film, a wind turbine, and an interior that has been designed to maximize light and space.

Smart Home: Green + Wired is a must-see exhibit for anyone who wants their home, and life, to be smarter, more efficient and more in tune with the environment than it is today. This exhibit is not included in general admission and requires an additional timed-entry ticket. Tour times vary and are subject to change. The tickets, which include general Museum admission, are $23 for adults, $22 for seniors and $12 for children 3-11. City of Chicago residents receive a discount. Please visit msichicago.org for more information on schedules and to purchase tickets in advance.

Check out MSI's Smart House: