Olympic Training

At IK Gymnastics, pint sized gymnasts are performing some spectacular feats. They're flipping, flexing, cart wheeling hoping for the opportunity to compete in front of a national audience. Since its opening last fall, they worked with nearly 600 boys and girls who are thrilled to be a part of such an elite organization. For many of them, this is purely recreational but for others this is a chance to dream big. Next, we headed to Johnny's Icehouse where Figure Skate Chicago holds its group classes for skaters who also have their eyes set on the Olympics. This organization founded by a junior Champion from Lithuania trains girls and boys as young as age three who are interested in being masters of the ice.

For more information:

IK Gymnastics
2630 West Bradley Place
Chicago, IL 60618

Johnny's Ice House
2550 West Madison Street
Chicago, IL 60612

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