WCL: Doctor Sho Yano, 21, ready for residency

Sho Yano is just 21-years-old, but he is about to do something very few people of his age will ever accomplish. He is graduating medical school from the University of Chicago.

Here are a few facts about Sho: He is a child prodigy who entered medical school at the age of 12 and has an IQ above 200. He has a Ph.D. in molecular genetics and cell biology. He was composing music by age 4 and plays classical piano. He scored 1500 out of 1600 on the SAT at age 8.

Sho's first university was Loyola in Chicago when he was only age 9. He was rejected by several medical schools before the University of Chicago accepted him after several lengthy interviews. Many thought he was too immature for medical school.

Sho told Windy City LIVE he hopes to go into practice.