WCL: Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is just around the corner and if you still haven't got a gift for dad here are some cool things you can still grab.

Prepared in small batches, expect donuts to be simple yet mouthwatering, utilizing seasonal ingredients like Meyer lemon in the winter and fraise des bois in the spring. Top quality products like Valrhona Chocolate, freshly ground Sri Lankan Ceylon Cinnamon and Tahitian Vanilla Bean are sure to excite your taste buds. Do-Rite will serve up to 12 varieties a day. Do-Rite's signature Old Fashioned is a popular choice flipped three times creating a "flowering" effect made complete with your pick of Tahitian Vanilla Bean Glaze or Valrhona Chocolate Icing. Delectable gluten-free options are also served daily.

Open six days a week, Monday through Saturday/We aren't open Sundays, so come and treat you dad to Do-Rite on Saturday afternoon

Cost: $1.95-$2.95 each. Price varies by item selected. Check out doritedonuts.com for the daily specials and location details

$14.95 for 1/2 Dozen Donuts

Made by a women-owned company right here in the USA, this travel bag isn't just for wine, but for other breakable as well (perfumes, olive oils, spirits, etc.). It not only protects fragile items from breaking, but also prevents liquids from spilling out and damaging clothing in the suitcase

$28, www.vinnibag.com

Omaha Steaks is a fifth-generation, family-owned company known for the finest quality USDA-approved, grain fed beef and gourmet foods, including a complete line of pork, poultry, seafood, side dishes, appetizers & delicious desserts. Omaha Steaks has been bringing people together to enjoy an exceptional meal since 1917.

Thrill the Grill Father's Day package (http://www.OmahaSteaks.com/HEC)

Please confirm you will provide a verbal mention of all items within the:
2 (6 oz.) filet mignons
2 (6 oz.) top sirloins
1 lb. package chicken breasts (approximately 4 pieces)
4 (4 oz.) pork chops
4 (4 oz.) Omaha Steaks burgers
4 stuffed baked potatoes
Regular price: $161.00
Father's Day price: $49.99
Selection Number: #45393

John Allan's (www.johnallans.com) offers men full service grooming services (haircut, shoe shine, men's manicure, etc.) as well as a club like environment where men can kick back, enjoy a cocktail and relax. Splurge on Dad this Father's Day with John Allan's Shorty -- a compact, high-performance razor that loves to travel

-Shorty uses a Fusion 5 razor head and its body is created from a solid aluminum blank, making for a perfectly balanced shaving instrument. Shorty comes in a signature John Allan's gift set with three 1-oz. shaving products for $118. John Allan is the founding father of men's grooming and has a John Allan's club location on West Jackson Blvd in the South Loop

Aramis launched in 1964 and it is still one of the top fragrances sold in the U.S. The fragrance has a rich history with a cult following.
A classic scent used for many years to create classic childhood memories. This special Father's Day gift set includes:
-Eau de Toilette Spray, 3.4oz
-After Shave Balm, 3.7oz
-"24 hour" deodorant stick, 2.6oz.
-$65.00 available at Bloomingdale's

Artist-designed footwear company whose mission is to connect artists to consumers around the world.
The founders (Aaron and Raaja) met volunteering in the slums of Argentina, and decided to turn Aaron's successful custom shoe-designing business into a real brand. BucketFeet are high-quality, comfortable shoes that are hand designed by artists from around the world. We provide artists with a manufacturing, distribution, e-commerce, and social media platform to connect with consumers around the world. $1 of every shoe sold goes back to the artist, and a percentage of all sales go to support underprivileged kids through creative programs in art, music, and sports. www.bucketfeet.com