WCL: Brunch at Allium

A modern take on traditional brunch-time favorites with local and seasonal ingredients.

To start, every Allium brunch guest is greeted with freshly baked cast iron pecan pull-apart bread. Next, guests move into the "Then Share" menu category - a new option for family-style brunching, featuring an array of shareable items, served on a playful circular tiered pedestal.

Options for this course include fresh seafood, seasonal salads, and sandwich bites with unexpected touches. Following the shareable section, guests each choose an individual main course from a varied selection of both sweet and savoury options. Offerings include a wagyu skirt steak & eggs, served with "loaded" hash browns and truffle hollandaise; PB&J French toast, made with peanut butter, cream cheese, concord grape jam, and brioche; and the Chicago Scramble with white cheddar and medley of Italian, Polish, Irish, and Mexican sausages.

To cap off the feast, brunch-goers delight in a dessert buffet with an assortment of sweets including house made cookies, doughnuts, and seasonal treats, as well as an interactive ice cream sandwich station.

Priced at USD 58.00 per guest and is inclusive of guest's beverage of choice: brunch punch, mimosa or draft beer.

Allium American Restaurant & Bar
Four Seasons Hotel Chicago
120 East Delaware Place
(312) 799-4900

Chicago Scramble
2 oz. Italian sausage; house made; cooked; cut in 1/3" pieces
2 oz. Irish bangers; Winston Brand; cooked; cut in 1/3" pieces
2 oz. Kielbasa; house made; cooked; cut in 1/3" pieces
2 oz. Mexican chorizo; house made; cooked
4 ea eggs; scrambled
chopped herbs; chives, parsley, rosemary, thyme
Add sausages to a warm omelete pan; sauté to warm. Add eggs and herbs; scramble.

PB&J French Toast
1 loaf brioche bread; sliced 1" thick
½ # cream cheese; softened
½ # peanut butter
1 tsp sea salt

2 C heavy cream
4 ea eggs; beaten
2 C grapes; red flame; halved
powdered sugar
Burtons Farm Maple Syrup

Mix the softened cream cheese & peanut butter together, add salt. Spread the peanut butter mixture generously between two pieces of the sliced brioche. Refrigerate the stuffed toast so the mixture sets back up. Mix your royale. Remove stuffed toast from the refrigerator and submerge in the royale for 30 seconds. Lay soaked French toast on a buttered surface, at medium heat. Cook French toast until golden brown, flip and repeat. For plating, cut the French toast into quarters, laying the pieces on end. Powder with the sugar and garnish with the halved red grapes.