WCL: Cool Stuff: Fresh Wave

Rethink Air Freshners!

How...does Fresh Wave work?
Fresh Wave uses plant oils and water to completely eliminate odors, not cover them up. There are no harsh chemicals and no masking fragrances. Fresh Wave works on a molecular level, absorbing odors and making them vanish. You're left with nothing but fresh air.

Why...Fresh Wave?
Other 'air fresheners' use harsh chemicals and phony masking fragrances, all of which can actually cause headaches, nausea, and respiratory system upsets. And they don't even remove odors, they just cover them up with a fake fragrance. Fresh Wave is as safe as it is effective at removing odors, and can even be used near children and pets.

What... makes Fresh Wave different?
Fresh Wave products have received the environmental protection agency's 'design for the environment' recognition for safer chemistry. Fresh wave uses natural ingredients, so it's safe to use anywhere.

Where... did Fresh Wave get its start?
The science behind Fresh Wave got its start in industrial 'stink spots,' like oil refineries, paper mills and landfills. If we can take the stink out of wastewater treatment plants, we can remove it from your cat's litter box.

And...Fresh Wave is the official odor eliminator for the Chicago Blackhawks! If fresh can tackle those professional hockey odors imagine what it can do on your gear, gym bag or in your home.

Where... can Fresh Wave be purchased?
Fresh wave can be purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond, Ace Hardware, Whole Foods Market and the Container Store. You can find a store near you by going to www.freshwaveworks.com and typing in your zip code.