WCL: Summer Beauty Woes: Fixed!

Sandy toes, sunburned shoulders and runny makeup a regular occurrence for you in the summer time? Well, not anymore! Founder of TheBeautyGirl.com, Nicole Pearl, has the solutions to all our summer beauty woes.

PROBLEM 1: Runny Makeup
SOLUTION: Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray, $19, www.skindinavia.com/
Nicole Says: "Makeup tends to migrate in the heat when we sweat. Rather than buying separate waterproof versions of all your products, you can purchase Skindinavia which is a much smarter and more economical solution. Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray is a mist that waterproofs all of your makeup. Celebs including Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Madonna use it on their world tours. Another option is Make Up For Ever Eye Aqua Seal ($21), which seals your eye makeup. It's alcohol free and you just swipe the liquid over any powder eye shadow pencil and it waterproofs it."

PROBLEM 2: Sunburns
SOLUTION: UnBurn $11.99, www.waterjel.com/consumer-products/unburn-8-oz./
Nicole Says: If you get a bad burn, you don't have to suffer. This formula is more effective than a basic aloe gel because it has lidocaine to pull the heat out of skin. Plus, it helps to take the itch and burning out of insect bites. Head & Shoulders Sensitive Scalp is a 2-in-1 that that has aloe to relieve this sensitive area."

PROBLEM 3: Feeling Sticky, Sweaty and Smelly!
SOLUTION: Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant, $7.99, www.secret.com/clinical-strength-deodorant
Nicole says: "The key to this formula is that it has the max level of anti-perspirant offered without a prescription. This formula should be applied at night, when the body is at its resting temperature, so it come from the strongest barrier against sweat."

PROBLEM 4: Sticky Sand
SOLUTION: Sand Gone $12.95, www.sandgone.com
Nicole Says: "Moms will especially appreciate this flour-like powder that you can dust on legs, in between toes and wherever else sand is clinging to skin. And it has a yummy coconut scent."

SOLUTION: Goody Quik Style Paddle Brush, $11.99, www.goody.com/Home/Products/Styling%20Tools/QUIK%20STYLE%20Paddle%20Brush.aspx
Nicole Says: "The new Goody Quik Style Paddle Brush (it's got sponges in the bristles so if you get out of the pool you can run the brush through your hair to soak up the water as well as brush your hair instead of using your towel and knotting your hair). Plus, it saves you drying time."

PROBLEM 6: Damaged Hair
SOLUTION: Philip Kingsley Swimcap, $35, www.philipkingsley.com/philip-kingsley-swimcap.html
Nicole Says: "Love the outdoors, but the more fun we have swimming and going to street fairs, the worse it is on our hair. The sun fades color, chlorine and salt dries out hair...you know the drill. Instead of buying a separate deep conditioner and UV protective spray, this brand new formula is literally like a swimcap for your hair. Interestingly, it was created at the request of the US Olympic Synchronized Swim Team. You can use this on wet or dry hair, which is great because it can be used after showering, before or going in the ocean, etc."

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