WCL: Chicago-made Apps for the iPhone and iPad

Everybody loves to find new apps for their smart phone or tablet. WCL's own tech guru, Jared Hoffa (aka The App Man), stopped by to highlight some great apps produced right here in Chicago.

- SpotHero
SpotHero is a Chicago-based app that allows you to search for and view available parking options in and around the city. By reserving online ahead of time through SpotHero, you know exactly how much you're going to pay, and where you're going to park.
SpotHero has helped 10,000+ people park and saved them thousands of dollars. Affordable parking, hassle-free -- SpotHero to the rescue.

Verde lets you take an inventory of the electrical appliances, gadgets, and lights you already have, and then calculates the total energy consumption along with the expected costs (based on your local electricity rates). Choose your appliances from their list, or add your own, and then customize the data to your liking. The app then suggests changes you can make to save both energy and money.

- Re:Active
Three short comics that use your iPad to the fullest. There is a vast world of functionality and interaction that does not subsume a graphic story into another medium, but takes it to the next level of its own medium and makes it an active comic. We have created these short stories to begin the discussion of how comics can best use this powerful new medium. Because this is just the beginning.

- Prison Run
Think you've got what it takes to escape from prison?
Well here's your chance. Help your prisoner find his way through the prison to collect the prison keys and then make your way to freedom before the timer runs out and someone realizes you're gone!! Prison Run has reached #1 in the Puzzle Game category on the iPad in 20 Countries