WCL: Secret Millionaire, Chicago

The hit ABC show heads to the South Side.

Self-made multi-millionaire and author Steve Kaplan travels from his luxury home and lifestyle to the south-side of Chicago for a week long stay seeking out deserving people and organizations that are making a real difference in the community.

This includes an after-school program to keep children off the streets, a low-income senior citizen living community, and a charity that collects everyday items to give to those less fortunate. He ultimately surprise these heroes with donations of hundreds of thousands of dollars from his own bank account on "Secret Millionaire"


You can catch ABC's "Secret Millionaire" (www.abc.go.com/shows/secret-millionaire) Sunday's at 7p right here on ABC 7 Chicago.

Learn more about the Chicago organizations Steve helps here:
-Kids off The Block (www.kidsofftheblock.bbnow.org)
-HOME: Housing Opportunities and Maintenance for the Elderly (www.homeseniors.org)
-Bin Donated (www.bindonated.org)

To buy tickets to Steve's viewing party on Sunday July 1 at Moe's Cantina, go www.stevekaplanlive.com/secret-millionaire-viewing-party.

All proceeds will go to benefit the charities featured.