WCL: WCL Summer Dream Wedding: Food Recipes from Hotel 71

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Recipes for the food being served at WCL's Dream Wedding.

Lamb Lollipops
Micro Mint
½ lt yogurt mint sauce
½ liter whole grain mustard
10 Lollipop sticks
½ lt herb crust
½ lt crispy capers
Plate oval skinny

Asparagus Frite
12 med size green asparagus
½ lt chopped ground hazelnut
Chopped thyme
½ lt egg whites
½ lt basil aioli in squeeze bottle
Micro bulls blood
Plate mini pilsner glasses

Spicy Poached Shrimp
12 poached shrimp
Cocktail sauce with belvedere
Mirco Borage
Lemon confit julienne
Plate mini martini glasses

Wild mushroom Risotto Ball
12 risotto balls with truffle
½ lt piquillo pepper aioli in squeeze bottle
Mirco basil
Radish Flower
Plate Green platter

Baby Tomato
10 foccicia croutons
½ Baby heirloom tomatoes in quarters and halves
Black Sea Salt
15 Sunflower Sprouts
Basil Oil
Balsamic reduction in squeeze bottle
Tomato Powder
10 feta cheese squares
Plate long Glass

Caesar Salads
10 heads Baby red Romaine
10 heads Baby green romaine
¾ lt Caesar dressing
4 parmesan crisps
½ Shaved Parmesan
15 Brioche Croutons in squares

Green Salad
15 Baby mixed whole leaf lettuce
1lt crispy sunchokes chips
10 cucumber ribbons
1 lt Heirloom Tomatoes
Tomato powder
Avocado puree in bottle
Radish Slices
1 lt Orange Vinaigrette
Radish flowers
White Salad plate

Beef Tenderloin, with Sauce bordelaise Grilled Atlantic salmon with Pumpkin Seed Mojo
Garlic Mash Potatoes and Market Baby Carrots
2 5oz filets
2 4oz halibut filets
1 lt garlic mash potatoes
16 mixed color baby carrots
Chopped parsley
½ lt cream sauce
Chopped tarragon
Petit tarragon
¾ lt truffle jus
1 lt Crispy onions
Plate white entrée

Beef Tenderloin, with Truffle Jus Roasted Alaskan Halibut Tarragon Sauce
Potato Terrine, Hen of the Wood Mushrooms and French beans .
2 5 oz filets
2 4oz salmon
½ lt pumpkin seed mojo
½ lt truffle jus
5 pieces potato terrine
1 lt hen of the wood mushrooms
16 haricot verts
Micro shiso leaves
White plate