WCL: LIFFT Booty Camp with Val's trainer

Do you need to quickly lose those last 10 pounds or do you have an event coming up (wedding, reunion, etc.) that you need to get in shape for?

Val's trainer, Kay Yasin, is hosting a three week intense "LIFFT Booty Camp" on WCL. She will be picking 2 people to join the team in this camp! If you're interested here's what you need to do:
-Send an e-mail describing why you want to join to Kay, to lifft.talent@gmail.com. The most compelling, interesting e-mails will be chosen ? so be creative!
-You must be available 3 times a week to work out with the group in the early afternoon for three weeks starting 7/30/12.
-You must be willing to be live on Windy City LIVE! every Monday for the three weeks of the camp (7/30, 8/6 & 8/13/12).
-The deadline for submissions is Thursday 7/26/12 at 10pm.
-Kay will choose 6 finalists who will compete on Saturday 7/28/12 at 12:30pm for the 2 spots on the team.
-Estimated value of the LIFFT Booty Camp is $1000 per person.
-Please tell Kay your age in the e-mail.