WCL: LIFFT Booty Camp Challenge

To get that last 10-15 lbs. off or if you have a special occasion you want to shape up for, Kay Yasin is taking us through a 3-week shape up routine. We have a cross section of women: 2 from each age group 20s, 30s 40s and 50s. We even have a 75 yr. old!

Kay's Week One exercises:

Tuck jumps -- 1 min
Beginner -- jump up and down as if jumping a rope
Intermediate -- jump up and kick do a heel kick. This is where you kick your heels up towards your butt
Advanced -- jump up and tuck your knees up in front of you. Try to get up to chest height

1) Elevated leg lifts -- 1 minute total (30 secs on each side if doing advanced version)
Beginner -- lie face up; feet flat on the ground; with heels close to your butt. Now lift butt and hips up as high as you can. Repeat; up and down for total duration of the minute
Intermediate -- use a chair or bench to elevate your feet. Now raise your hips and butt up off the ground as high as you can
Advanced -- use chair or bench to elevate your feet. Lift your hips and butt off the ground. Now pulse one leg in the air for 30 secs and then switch

2) Dynamic Push ups -- 1 minute
Beginner -- Do 1 push up on your knees; then come up to your hands and knees and jump out, bring feet back together. Go down to your knees again and repeat starting with the push up.
Intermediate ? Do 1 regular push up with feet apart, then close and and open legs again and repeat push up
Advanced ? Same as intermediate, but add a bungie jump after bringing feet together

3) One -- Leg Burpees -- 1 minute
Beginner -- start standing up. Bring hands to floor; walk one leg back at a time until you are in a push up position, then walk your legs back in towards your hands and stand up
Intermediate -- start in full upright position. Bring both hands on to ground; kick both feet back into push up position then jump back in and jump up!
Advanced -- same as intermediate butt only with one leg at a time! (30 seconds on each leg)

4) Snow boarder -- 1 minute Start standing at an angle as if on a snow board. Pulse twice; holding arms out then jump and switch sides.

***AT HOME VIEWERS: Use this workout and repeat 3x's for a complete and intense 15 minute workout before you start your day!!

Week 1!!

- Drink 4 - 5 liters of water/ day ? No SODA OR JUICE!!!
- Cut out all carbs, dairy, refined sugar!!
- Wed we get to treat ourselves to some oatmeal in the morning!!! YEAH ?
- APPROX: 200 - 250 CALORIES PER MEAL!! (5 meals - really snack size) - this should be adjusted according to your current body weight and goal weight.
- Take your goal weight; multiply by 10 then subtract 250.
-This is a very general and approximate calorie intake calculation for your day for this 2 week weight loss challenge. Divide that number in 5 and eat that number of calories per meal.

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