WCL: Week Two of LIFFT Booty Camp

To get that last 10-15 pounds off or if you have a special occasion you want to shape up for -- Kay Yasin is taking us through a 3 week shape up routine.

We have a cross section of women 2 from each age group 20's, 30's 40's and 50's and we even have a 75 yr. old!

Our Team:
Gwendolyn Amos-James
Eboni Tankersley-Heath
Zenaida Saez
Brittany Langmeyer
Anita M. Jenkins
Mary Hynes
Tania Rivero
Joyce Cohen

Week 1 Highlights:
- Team Member with least Weight loss Admitted to NOT drinking anywhere near the suggested amount of water.
-Team Member 2 with second least number was adding extra strength training workouts which were not per Kay's recommendations.

**** MAKE SURE YOU learn your body and its limits. Do NOT compete with other members. Compete with yourself.

Nutritional Tips:

1. Make Sure you are taking a Multivitamin and approximately 2000 mg of Fish Oils (The natural fats will help the body use it's stored body fat as a source of energy instead of utilizing the 'hard earned' muscle mass that we are creating!)

2. To avoid constipation due to the low carb and reduction in Fiber: you should make sure that you are taking in high fibrous vegetables such as broccoli, lettuce, kale with EVERY meal! If still a problem than take a Fiber supplement such as Metamucil.

3. The high water intake is also critical to help you regulate your bowel movements and flush out all of your toxins.


1) High Knees with A Drop Push-Up with Alternating Knee Tuck (2 Minutes)
Do 10 High Knees on each side and drop to a push up. Tuck One Knee in and then the Other. Jump Up and Repeat! Keep doing for a Minute

2) Deep Squat with Side Lift and Reverse Lunge (2 Minutes)
Deep Squat to target glutes and inner thighs, Side Lift With Right Leg. Deep Squat again and Reverse Lunge with Right Leg. Repeat on Left Side and Continue for 2 Minutes.

3) Combination Jump Squat -- (1 Minute)
Jump in, out, in and High Jump Squat. Jump out, in, out and High Jump Squat

*Beginners can just do regular jump squats for a minute

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