WCL: Colonel Scott - Bud Billiken Parade

It is the longest running and largest African-American parade in the nation.

In its 83rd year, The Bud Billiken parade and picnic celebrates the return to school for thousands of students. Here to tell us more is president of The Defender Charities and Chairman of the parade, Colonel Eugene Scott

The 83rd Annual Bud Billiken Parade & Picnic

Theme: Education: Built to last, a tribute to President Barack Obama"
Time: 10am Saturday August 11th.
Location: Martin Luther King Dr from Oakwood Blvd (39th st south to 51st St. into Washington Park.

Watch the Parade LIVE: Join Cheryl Burton, Hosea Sanders, Jim Rose and Val on ABC 7 Saturday August 11th 10am - 12:30pm