WCL: Vernon Hills Native Jamie Lono on WCL

Jamie Lono chats about his appearance on NBC's "The Voice," his upcoming album "The Feel Good Nation" and performs his latest single, "My My My."


"Lono" represents the Hawaiian God of peace and music. This is something that has always comforted musician Jamie Lono through the multiple hardships that have occurred throughout his life. The idea of comfort and peace within music is something that Jamie has stood by since he began experimenting and seeing the potential in music several years ago.

For Lono, the hardships that life can bring started at just the young age of two when he developed a growth on his left lung. He became sick with pneumonia and had to get half of his lung removed. The medical cost put his family into bankruptcy and left his family with the difficulty of coming out of the economical crisis. Life became extremely difficult and painful. However, with his father's strength, his family was able to recover from the financial crisis and start an entirely new life.

The years went by and fate eventually lead Jamie to begin playing music. During his time as a teen, Jamie found comfort in playing and experimenting within the metal genre for several years. His musical influences changed at the age of nineteen where he began to realize that he had a voice that he could truly develop. He started to sing to get away from the troubles of the world and to put his passions into various aspects of soul and different types of melodies. This was when Jamie discovered an entirely new perspective on life, music and started to see the healing aspect of what a good tune can truly bring to the world.

Soon after, an even bigger crisis occurred in Jamie's life. His house caught fire. The times were painful and Jamie and his family were forced to spend months in a hotel until they were able to get back up on their feet. Jamie felt an unexplainable pain. Life was dreading on him and he needed to get away and express the pain he was feeling inside. It was around this time when Jamie began to escape to this car, where, with a guitar in hand he began playing and singing in his down time. That's when he learned that this was a part of who he was. He immediately saw himself slowly healing with the help of music and he realized that this was a perfect time to start a new beginning. Music was truly the key Jamie had been searching for and for the first time, Jamie had finally understood how important music was in his life.

After being fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to make an appearance on NBC's second season of The Voice, Jamie has returned back to his home of Chicago, Illinois to prepare for the release of his first EP album (due out late summer). Jamie is more confident than ever that he is straying down the path he was meant to explore, and he has zero intention of strumming off of it anytime in the future. He is taking his experiences day-by-day with hopes that as each second passes, he will gain further aspects of inspiration that he can share with his audiences around the world.