WCL: Showbiz Shelly Smackdown

We put Showbiz Shelly's pop culture expertise to the test in a SMACKDOWN! One lucky audience member will challenge Shelly's pop culture expertise (she currently has 370 wins to 21 losses).

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Test your Smackdown knowledge. Could you beat Shelly? (Answers below)
1. American Idol just announced two new judges. Name them!
2. Nick Lachey and his wife Vanessa just welcomed their new baby into the world last week. What's his name?
3. Who was recently photographed bathing topless?
4. What gold medal Olympian was arrested for public intoxication last weekend?
5. Which late night comedian is hosting the Emmys this Sunday night?
6. What's the title of Christina Aguilera's new single?
7. What two music superstars are joining "The Voice" as coaches for Season 4?
8. "Gangnam Style" is a huge song right now. Name the singer.
9. Kim Kardashian recently got a new cat. What's her name?
a. BONUS: What kind of cat is it?
10. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds recently tied the knot in a top-secret wedding. What state did they get married in?


1) Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban
2) Camden John
3) Kate Middleton
4) Shaun White (Snowboarder)
5) Jimmy Kimmel
6) Your Body
7) Usher and Shakira
8) Psy
9) Mercy. Bonus: Persian Teacup
10) South Carolina