WCL: Makeup Trends with Reggie Wells

We had celebrity makeup artist, Reggie Wells in studio with us today so shed some light on makeup trends to try out in 2013! See his list of trend points below and try them out to freshen up your look!

-Incorporate brighter eye shadows and don't forget to highlight your lower lid too
-Try blending your blush in with your foundation for a more natural glow and apply just above the apple of your cheek.
-Don't be afraid of colors when it comes to eyeliner and if you don't wear eyeliner usually, try it out with a light color.
-When it comes to eye lashes, put more focus on your lower lashes and even play around with adding falsies.

For more on Reggie, check out the link here: www.oprah.com/oprahradio/Reggie-Wells

And a special thank you to Sam Kori George Atelier: www.skgatelier.com for letting us use the beautiful boutique to shoot Reggie and his makeup assistants at work!

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