WCL: Visit the "Real" Downton Abbey!

We had travel expert, Mark Murphy, in studio today to tell us all about the amazing Highclere Castle which is the setting for the hit PBS show, "Downton Abbey". In addition to teaching about the Castle's rich history and involvement with the show, he mentioned some great travel deals to take advantage of for planning your visit:

-Chicago to London midweek in January via Virgin Atlantic Airways:
$882.50 mid week departure and return ? Economy
$4,150.10 mid week departure and return ? Premium Economy

-Highclere Castle Tours: Tickets can be hard to come by. Admission for adults is $8 for a walk in the garden to $29 for the grand tour. Be sure book in advance of coming !

-The Wayfarers walking vacation includes a visit to Highclere Castle in July and Sept 2013: $4,195 per person for 6 nights!

-Stay in the same hotel as the Downton Abbey Cast. It neighbors Highclere Castle! It's called the Carnarvon Arms in Newbury, England. Rooms start at 143.00/US a night.

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For more great travel advice from Mark Murphy, be sure to check out his website:

For more on Highclere Castle, you can check out their website here