WCL: Food Resolution


Chef Homaro Cantu wants to eliminate sugar from your favorite foods.

Homaro Cantu is the chef/owner of Chicago's renowned restaurant Moto (www.motorestaurant.com) and iNG restaurant (www.ingrestaurant.com).

In "The Miracle Berry Diet Cookbook" (www.amazon.com/The-Miracle-Berry-Diet-Cookbook/dp/1451625588), Cantu unveils the amazing properties of the miracle berry and shares more than recipes that can completely transform your diet.

The miracle berry alters your taste buds and add new depth to bitter, salty, and spicy flavors. It especially turns sour flavors into sweet ones, eliminating the need for adding refined sugar or artificial sweeteners to your foods and beverages.

Here is just a brief list of how the miracle berry can trick your taste buds:

- Lemons will taste like lemonade. (Add lemon juice to your coffee instead of sugar)

- Limes will be as sweet as oranges.

-Even the most flavorless tomatoes will taste perfectly ripe.

- Bananas will have notes of passion fruit or pineapple.

- Hot sauce will have layers of pepper flavors-not just heat.

-Pineapple will taste like pure candy.