WCL: Made in Chicago!

Bestselling author and Chicago business owner Chris-Tia Donaldson joins us to chat about how this Harvard grad turned from being a lawyer to running a thriving company, Thank God It's Natural.

By day, Harvard graduate and organic lifestyle expert, Chris-Tia Donaldson provides strategic legal advice to top executives at one of the world's largest Fortune 100 companies. By night, the Harvard educated lawyer-turned-businesswoman is inspiring women from the southside of Chicago to South Africa, to adopt healthier greener lifestyles through Thank God It's Natural (tgin), her line of eco-friendly natural products for the hair, body and home.

When she is not working at a famers' market, sharing recipes, or blogging about the latest organic beauty trends, the best selling author is out speaking about the benefits of green smoothies, exercising, and how living healthy does not have to cost a fortune.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT CHRIS-TIA: Visit her website at www.thankgodimnatural.com or follow her on twitter and instagram @tginatural.