WCL: Comedy of Chicago

We had the creative director of Comedy of Chicago, James Allen Kamp, in studio today to give us a look ahead at what's happening in Chicago's comedy scene!

Check out the links below on all the great comedy venues he mentioned today:

Open Mic Nights:
-Cole's: Cole's Chicago
-Lottie's: Rathskellar Open Mic at Lottie's
-Jokes & Notes: jokesandnotes.com

Just For Laughs Audition Showcase:
The Lincoln Lodge: Mar. 14th @ 8pm
For more information click here

One Night Stand Up (comedy & singles mixer):
The Laugh Factory: Mar. 14 @ 6pm
For tickets click here

The Comedy Bar:

Second City's Up Comedy Club:
-Judy Gold: For more information click here

Chris Tucker @ the Chicago Theater:
April 12, 2013
For more information click here