WCL: Affordable cuts of steak with Kari Underly

4 Affordable Cuts of Steak (most of these cuts will be featured in your grocery store)

1. Thick Top Round - for lean, value, and versatility.
You can usually get it for sale for a nice price. It's a little tougher. The key is slicing it across the grain thin after it's cooked. Slicing it thin is very important. It's lean so it's heart healthy and it's big so it can serve a lot of people.

2. Chuck Eye Steak- for value and flavor.
This is one of Kari's favorites. When you break the carcass, one side is the rib eye and other side is the chuck eye. The chuck eye is very flavorful and half the price of the rib eye. It's a lesser expensive cut, but so flavorful.

3. Flat Iron Steak - for tenderness and ease of cooking.
Kari was part of the team that created and implemented this cut, it's 2nd most tender cut of meat next to filet. It's loaded with flavor and if someone likes their steak well done or medium well it will still hold on to the flavorful.

4. Petite Top Sirloin
Versatile, can cut it into filets, kabobs, stir-fry, thin for sandwich steaks. You can take this and cut it into pieces.

Kari is 3rd generation meat cutter, she was introduced to the trade by her father at Underly's Market, a butcher shop and ice cream parlor in South Bend, Indiana.

Based in Chicago, Kari is the founder of Range, Inc. Her company specializes in meat industry innovation. She speaks frequently on the topic of marketing and conducts training and education seminars for retailers, foodservice operators, trade associa¬tions, culinary students, as well as food and meat enthusiasts.

She is author of The Art of Beef Cutting: A Meat Professionals Guide to Butchering and Merchandising (August 2011) which was nominated for the 2012 James Beard Foundation Awards and the 2012 IACP Annual Awards. It illustrates how butchers, chefs and home cooks can turn a $5-a-pound chuck roast into various cuts that retail for up to $8 a pound.

For more information go to www.rangepartners.com/meet_kari