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Chicago shooting: Teen shot, killed at Woodlawn party; Marques Harris, 16, part of disagreement altercation

Police look for a suspect in the shooting death of a 16-year-old Chicago boy following what police say was a dispute between the victim and his girlfriend when another teen got involved.
January 13, 2014 5:47:47 AM PST
Police were looking for a suspect in the shooting death of a 16-year-old Chicago boy. According to police, the shooting happened after another teen got involved in a dispute between the victim and his girlfriend.

The shooting happened near 62nd and South Saint Lawrence in the West Woodlawn neighborhood.

Detectives at Area Central Police Headquarters are saying very little about the shooting and no one is in custody.

Police say the shooting happened as a result of a disagreement between the victim and his girlfriend.

Identified by family as 16-year-old Marques Harris, the teenager was at a gathering Friday night on the 6200 block of South St. Lawrence, when investigators say the argument attracted a third person who tried to intervene on the girlfriend's behalf.

An altercation between both males ensued. The offender left the gathering briefly, came back and shot Harris.

"That was my baby," said Patrice Harris, the victim's mother.

Marques Harris was struck in the chest and rushed to Stroger Hospital where he later died. His mother said Harris was a freshman in high school, without a history of trouble.

"He was a good person and in the 16 years I was with him he never disrespected nobody grown. Never," she said. "You ask him for something and he would give it to you."

"He was a good kid," said a friend of the victim. "Everybody loved him."

No one is in custody and the investigation continues.

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