Elkhart shooting suspect ID'd as Shawn Walter Bair; 2 women killed at Martin's Super Market

A gunman walked into a Indiana grocery store and fatally shot two people Wednesday night before he was killed by police.
January 16, 2014 7:48:17 AM PST
Elkhart shooting suspect Shawn Walter Bair was fatally shot by police after killing two people at Martin's Super Market, a grocery store, Indiana State Police said.

Bair, 22, of Elkhart, Ind., used a semi-automatic handgun to shoot a 20-year-old employee and 44-year-old customer at the grocery store on Wednesday around 10 p.m. The women have not been identified.

Bair lived nearby and was known at the store, Indiana State Police Sgt. Trent Smith said. He was wearing a heavy trench coat.

"He was in there for about 20 minutes, walking around," Sgt. Smith said. "He was making text messages or phone calls."

He first shot the 20-year-old employee, then the 44-year-old woman. After those, Bair held the manager of the store hostage. That's when police arrived. Their entrance distracted Bair, and the manager got away.

"We have not determined a motive," Sgt. Smith said. Originally, it did not appear Bair had a relationship with the victims. Now, police are investigating that further, and have been to Bair's home, where he lived with his parents. "We don't have all the pieces of the puzzle yet."

Officials have reviewed surveillance video from the grocery store. Smith said several employees at Martin's were seen helping customers get out of the store.

Martin's Super Market posted a statement on its Facebook page, saying "Thank you to our community for your thoughts and prayers tonight. We will comment further when we can do so responsibly and appropriately."

Elkhart is in far northern Indiana, just south of the Indiana-Michigan border, and about 15 miles east of South Bend.

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